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In Kentucky, the bounty hunters are known as bail enforcement agents.  However, there are no specific regulations for bail enforcement agents.  A bail enforcement agent’s conduct must comply with any Kentucky law applicable to him/her.  The state expressly outlaws the commercial bail bond industry.  “It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the business of bail bondsman or to otherwise for compensation or other consideration[i].”

The surety or designated agent can track and arrest the fugitive and return him to the county were s/he was charged.  In order to arrest a fugitive, a warrant must be obtained.  “No bail bondsman or his agent shall arrest, detain, imprison, or remove from the state any person for having broken the terms of his bail unless a warrant for that person’s arrest has been issued[ii].”  In order to get the warrant, a credible person has to appear before a judge, the judge has to issue it, and the arrest must be made by a peace officer[iii].

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