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In Louisiana, laws governing bounty hunting can be found in Title 37, Chapter 49 of the Louisiana Administrative Code.  In Louisiana, a bounty hunter is known as a bail recovery agent.

License requirements for a bail recovery agent are provided in LAC 37:XIII.4905.  In order to engage, transact, or assist in the apprehension or surrender of a principal in the state, a person must be a duly licensed bail bond agent or solicitor.  In the Code, the term a bail recovery agent is used synonymous with a bail bond agent[i].  All persons applying for a bail recovery agent must complete eight hours of supervised instruction approved by the department, four hours of which must be instruction in bail enforcement.  The person holding a license must complete twelve hours of a continuing education program, approved by the department, every two-year licensing period, four hours of which must be instruction in bail enforcement[ii].

Additionally, on or before January first of every odd numbered year, all duly licensed bail bond agents must complete twelve hours of continuing education[iii].

The Louisiana Administrative Code also provides for the bail recovery persons license requirement from other states.  “Bail recovery persons from other states must be duly authorized to transact bail enforcement or be a licensed bail bond agent in the state where the bond was written and shall act in association with a local bail agent duly licensed by the Louisiana Department of Insurance to transact bail enforcement in this state[iv].”

Pursuant to LAC 37:XIII.4901, for apprehension in a private residence, notification of local law enforcement is required.

In Louisiana, a licensed bail agent or solicitor cannot transact or engage in the surrender or apprehension of a principal with the assistance of an unlicensed person[v].

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